K & S Insurance Agency was established in 1973 by Richard Daiker as Keystone General Insurance Agency. The agency has had significant expertise in construction insurance and surety since its inception.

Office Locations

Rockwall Office
2255 Ridge Rd., Suite 333
P.O. Box 277
Rockwall, TX 75087

Phone: 972-771-4071
Fax: 972-771-4695

Email: [email protected]


                    El Paso Office
4100 Rio Bravo, Ste. 200
Pershing West
El Paso, TX  79902

Phone: 915-356-1000
Fax: 915-356-1001


Sulphur Springs Office
946 Main St.
Sulphur Springs, TX 75482

Phone: 903-885-7444
Fax: 903-885-0530



Products Offered
  • Commercial Property & Casualty
  • Contract Surety
  • Group Health
  • Personal Lines


    Safety & Loss Control 
    Our loss control department is dedicated to working with our customers to increase the safety awareness within their organizations.  This is done through on-site service, safety publications and resources, and links to safety related websites.  We believe in a proactive approach to safety through hands-on training, hazard assessment, and consultation.

    Rockwall Contacts El Paso Contacts Sulphur Springs Contacts

    Cliff Craddock
    [email protected]

    Richard Daiker
    [email protected]

    Aaron Endris
    [email protected]

    Tony Fierro, CIC
    [email protected]  

    Josh Gilbert
    [email protected]  

    Jay Jordan
    [email protected]

    Robert Kanuth 
    [email protected]

    Johnny Moss
    [email protected]

    Jerry Thomas
    [email protected]

    Gary Thompson
    [email protected]

    Jay D Alexander
    [email protected]

    Randy McClelland, CIC
    [email protected]

    Robert Shuya, CIC
    [email protected]

    Eric M. Swanson
    [email protected]

    Bertha Alvarez
    [email protected]






    Barbara Ochoa, CIC, AAI
    [email protected]










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